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Tuesday, June 05, 2007



I wish George Bush could run for president a third time so I could not love for him again and also maybe Shrek could be his vice president?


I meant vote not love.


you contradict yourself always.


I live and work in Portland and this festival is something that will be fun for the community out here, it does not have to appeal to everyone but my friends and me are all looking forward to it. I understand the point you are trying to make about finding the next big thing, but why leave that upto animation festivals when there is a big internet out there where anyone can experiment and find their audience. The Platform Festival will be great and I am exctied to see all the films even if some of them are old news.


Albert H.

I have gone to this festival for the past few days and it has been an incredible time. I don't think it is good to knock it, but actually to accept it for the great fun that it is. The Platform Festival is perfect for something like Portland and even though our town has an independent and down home feeling, the festival is very Hollywood and bringing lots of interesting people to us that would not normally come here because they vacation elsewhere. I have never travelled to a film festival in another state, although I did go to Ottawa once, and so would I to say this is really the best thing I have ever been to, mainly because the World Animation For Kids was perfect for my children and something they might not experience if not for Platform. Thank you Platform and thank you for all the artists that are here in Portland, I hope to go to another festival night before it is over.




so negative, this festival was truly an experience even if it was an infant it still performed like a champion. i loved all the winning films and had a really nice time.


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