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Monday, August 07, 2006



you said it damnskippy you did-wish i had thought to get a porky the pig DVD collection if i knew that you can get it on you tube?



MONlike i care about dis shite, true to life it dunna matter WHAT you do, all dat matter is WHO you do wit and that is none of some porky pig BS>youall gotta chill and smokeme anothabone.


see above.


There is so much stuff that is awful that people think is good, how can you even evaluate the difference anymore. What to put into this festival or that, it's all a matter of subjectivity. People think they make a masterpiece, someone else thinks it sucks. So what can you do but just keep it to yourself.



is ottawa in canada? do they actually animate there or just play hockey? hehehehheh. i like hockey, it is not a real sport, but i like it more than disney.

Captain Spaulding

Gonna get you mofo@!


did anyone realize it is rosh hashana, how am i supposed to go to festival on holiday?


When are you going to write another piece laced with negativity? I don't understand why you complain so much, what are you some failed animator or just a bitter asshole? I went to Ottawa this year and it was a great time.


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