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Tuesday, May 02, 2006



screw you, animation janitor - deniro is the greatest ever. he does no wrong.


These ten animators that keep showing the same ten films... maybe it is because there are people in New York that haven't seen their work because animation visibility isn't really that high. It is huge corporate festivals like Tribeca that allow more public recognition for deserving artists. I would not be so critical of this and understand that these ten films need exposure as much as the unknown student animator.



United 93 has nothing to do with any kind of Hollywood conspiracy. You need to quit this predictable blame-game, Animation Janitor. Tribeca's festival is legit and helpful for filmmakers of all ages.

fan of tribeca

you don't know what you're talking about animation janitorial shitheel. the tribeca event was great and HUGE for new york, just like every other fest that goes on here, like animation block party or ny underground or anything else. that's important. to keep having more events to get this city back on it's feet. check out the tribeca winners and tell me again that deniro isn't paying attention:



i went to the tribeca animation screenings and got to see the new pat smith and bill plympton films. can't beat that, even if american express has polluted the event with their propaganda.



Who nTHE fuck are these peole- i saw this shit on mytspace and all i know is adult swim is the fucking chronicsmokiblqadjkqfbnewfwef+)+_)



is he dead?


not writing?

Don Rumsfeld

I eat ball cherry.

And am the decider.

Not DeNiro.


posiedon was a good frigging movie.


You know what, festivals like Tribeca are important, even when politics are in involved in making programming choices, because if one new film eeks by the pre-accepted juggernauts of short animations, then maybe another door gets opened for someone that will help someone
else out come Annecy 2010.

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